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SU Japan Users Group

This is the web site of the SU Japan Users Group (SUJUG).
This English web site is a compact summary of the original web site written in Japanese containing reduced information.

What is a cwp/su logo ?

CWP/SU (Seismic Un*x) is a freeware package for seismic data processing provided by the Center of Wave Phenomena (CWP) of the Colorado School of Mines.

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What's New

SU Japan Mailing List

SUJUG members usually communicate by using a mailing list. The mailing list is open to those who read and write Japanese only because our intension is to discuss and exchange information on SU in Japanese (You can find SU information written in English elsewhere.), although we do not intend to shut out any persons who are interested in our group.

The original Japanese web site contains following items written in Japanese.

Release information

Download CWP/SU

CWP/SU can be downloaded from CWP/SU web site.

An official mirror site is available at:

although both sites are usually fairly heavy.

For people in Japan, CWP/SU can also be downloaded from an unofficial mirror site at:

Before clicking the link above, read the notice below carefully.

If you want use a FTP client software, make a FTP connection with "ftp://tansa.kumst.kyoto-u.ac.jp/" as "anonymous". The sources are located at "pub/geophysics/cwp/".

Send your e-mail address as password properly. FTP server will refuse to connect if you are using an invalid e-mail address.
If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, they send a string like "Mozilla@" or "IEUser@" for password as default. Such password will be refused. Check your settings so that your e-mail address will be sent to us as the password. Some FTP clients also send an invalid string for password as default. Make sure your settings if you are unable to connect the server.


are available.

CWP/SU Install notes

Here, we provide installation notes and tips: The contents are written in Japanese.

SU Japan Contributions

Here, we provide some contributions for SU community by SUJUG members.

Publications and Reports

Followings are the publications, reports and lectures by the member of SUJUG. All the contents are written in Japanese.

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